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Homemade Baby Food Recipes - Healthy and Happy Diet

I have created a site to remind myself on how to guide my children as they grow. The purpose is to create a path of healthy eating habit for a lifetime. However, I would like to share with you all about my experiences, hope you enjoy and like it so much.

After months of pure breast milk, the nutritious of breast milk cannot meet babies’ need due to rapid growth and development of an infant. It is time to provide supplement food gradually. And if you plan of weaning, you might be wondering to purchase ready-made food or prepare own homemade baby food recipes, which one is the best for baby?

Make Your Own Baby Food

Here are pages of useful information on baby food recipes, a guide on when, how or what to feeding your baby solid foods and get a sense of what should prepare for an infant at a certain age or stage. Baby food is all kind of food besides breast milk and formula milk, which is custom made for an infant from age of 4 months to 2 years old. Therefore, the appearances of the food are soft, liquid base or easily chewed food. The reason is they have yet to growth teeth or normally just started to show at this stage. There are many types of baby food such as homemade baby food, organic baby food, natural baby food, healthy baby food, baby finger food, puree baby food, dehydrated baby food and so forth.

The Advantages of Homemade Baby Food:

Fresh, Healthy and Organic The ingredients buy freshly from market and cook immediately. When the food is prepared and it is served instantly. So, a preservative is not required.
Custom Made The food is served accordance to infant preferences or taste
Economical/Minimal Expenses Do you know how much does it cost for a ready-made food? It is quite expensive if compare to homemade baby food as it is only cost a fraction of ready-made food
Greater Food Variety & Naturally Can choose own fruits, vegetables and other foods for purees instead of relying on flavor chosen by manufacturer

Introducing solid foods to your little one is a lot of fun and lot of worry as well. So I hope you all will enjoy the journey together with your lovely babies.

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